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Find it in Fermanagh – Trees

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During July and August we are encouraging you to get outside in Fermanagh and discover a local species!

This week we are celebrating our woodlands. If most of our land was left totally unmanaged, woodland would eventually develop as a result. However, Northern Ireland is one of the least wooded areas in Europe with only 1% under native tree cover. The highest proportion of native woodland cover in Fermanagh is located in the old estates and islands, allowing an important diversity of flora and fauna to flourish.

Some of Co. Fermanagh’s lovely woodland walks include:

Crom Estate

Crom is home to the largest area of oak woodland in Northern Ireland and the oldest yew trees in Ireland dating from the 18th Century.

Castle Coole

The woodland at Castle Coole was planted around 1709 with a mixed group of beech, oak and scots pine. The wood still has oak trees dating back to the early 18th Century.

Castle Archdale

This 520 hectare mixed broadleaved and coniferous lowland forest, is richly varied in terms of views and features which include ruined Castles, WWII docks & buildings, ancient woodland and views over Lower Lough Erne

Ely Lodge Forest

This 250 hectare forest contains a fine mixture of broadleaved and coniferous trees but of particular note are the mature European larches that thrive here.

The Woodland Trust have developed an app which can be downloaded onto your phone and used to help identify trees. It is a perfect pocket guide to help you learn more about the different tree types and their habitats. It can be downloaded here: