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Lough Erne Landscape Partnership

Protecting Promoting and Enhancing Your Heritage

The Heritage Lottery Fund is providing funding to LELP in two phases – development and delivery. The first and current development stage is now underway. It entails LELP assisting communities and organisations to develop a suite of projects aimed at enhancing, protecting and promoting the heritage of Lough Erne and its surrounding landscape. LELP has also commissioned two reports on the built and natural heritage of the area which will identify priority need for action. The findings from these reports are due in January 2017.

The development phase ends in early autumn 2017 when a Landscape Conservation Plan (LCAP) incorporating the findings of the two reports, and linked with suggested projects that will meet the needs identified in the reports, will be submitted for consideration to HLF.

LELP aims to help achieve the vision of a vibrant and sustainable rural economy, a healthy population and a functioning ecosystem.


Groups within the landscape area that would like to have a project incorporated within the final submission to the HLF must provide the LELP team with an outline proposal by October 31st 2016. These early outline proposals will enable the team to assess the spread of projects across the landscape area, and possibly match them to issues or need emerging from the ongoing findings of the commissioned landscape reports.

In line with the completion date of the two commissioned built and natural heritage reports [end of January 2017] we will contact organisations that have submitted proposals that we consider of particular merit in meeting the needs identified from the reports. At this point proposals will move from outline proposal to fully costed and developed activities that will be incorporated into an overall programme. By early summer 2017 the LELP team will then refine, adjust, combine and maximize the project submissions for incorporation into the draft plan by June 2017. These projects will then play an important part of the formation of Landscape Conservation Action Plan (LCAP).

The Landscape Conservation Action Plan [including the detailed project bids] will be completed and submitted to the HLF for consideration in Autumn 2017.

The delivery phase commences in the Spring of 2018 and proceed for five years.