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About Us

“Lough Erne’s unique built, natural and cultural heritage is protected, enhanced and cherished by all”

Our Mission

The Lough Erne Landscape Partnership (LELP) will focus on the conservation and promotion of Lough Erne’s landscape character and unique heritage. LELP will address ecological issues, reconnect communities with their heritage, bring economic and social benefits, and create links between stakeholders to realise a longer-term goal of the coordinated management of the landscape.

LELP objectives following completion of the programme is:

  • To connect and engage people with their unique landscape by developing skills, improving confidence and providing opportunities to learn about it, change perceptions and influence its management.
  • To improve and protect biodiversity and conserve the built heritage of our unique landscape, and involve communities in its protection, interpretation and conservation.
  • To create and improve physical and intellectual access to and around the Lough making it a better place to live, work and visit.
  • To engage with communities to generate pride in their unique cultural heritage, celebrate it and be emotionally and physically involved with it.

To find out more on Our Story so Far, click HERE.

Meet Our Team

Richard Watson

Programme Board Chair

Elmarie Swanepoel

Programme Manager

Hazel Long

Heritage Project Manager

Ashley Robinson

Community Connections and Volunteer Manager

Tony Smith

Environmental Education Officer

Janice Marsden

Finance and Administration Project Officer

LELP Apprenticeship

The Lough Erne Landscape Partnership (LELP) completed their first successful government backed apprenticeship scheme in 2020 and the first such post for RSPB NI (as lead partner for LELP).



The Lough Erne Landscape Partnership has a robust governance structure to ensure efficiency and transparency during the delivery of the National Lottery Heritage Fund scheme.  The partnerships governance structure is set up as follows:

LELP Independent Chair

The work of the Partnership is overseen by the LELP Programme Board facilitated by an Independent Chair, Mr Richard Watson has been appointed, following a competitive publicly advertised recruitment process. For further information on Richard’s appointment please click here

LELP Programme Board 

The LELP Programme Board is chaired by the Independent Chair and consists of representatives from several formal and advisory partners including representatives from the partner organisations including RSPB (as lead partner), Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, Fermanagh Rural Community Network, Lough Erne Heritage, National Trust, Upper Lough Erne Region and Waterways Ireland. The Board also includes representatives from advisory bodies including Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Department of Agriculture Environment and Rural Affairs and Department of Communities.

 The aim of the programme board is to provide the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership with high level liaison and collaboration, working towards the successful delivery of the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership scheme. The Board meets regularly and will identify long term goals; monitor high level risks and opportunities; and review overall partnership effectiveness and direction.

LELP Programme Board Legacy Sub Group

A sub-group of the LELP Programme Board has now been set up and will meet from November 2021 onwards. The aim of the group will be to work with the appointed consultant to follow a dedicated process identifying various legacy options for the LELP Programme Board to consider.

Working Group

Working Group membership reflects that of Programme Board with additional advisory members invited to support Working Group with specific workstreams. Working Group meets on a regular (mostly monthly) basis with the aim of ensuring effective programme planning and implementation.  The group also monitors the delivery of the projects agreed as part of the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership Scheme and works to support the LELP vision.

LELP Network

The LELP Network was set up to bring together individuals and organisations to share information and best practice, to discuss issues and formulate solutions and to ensure effective planning to support the successful delivery of projects in the area.  The network members provide advice and guidance on matters relating to Cultural/Natural/Built Heritage in the Fermanagh area and ensure LELP projects are complimentary to existing initiatives. The LELP Network meets on a quarterly basis and membership is open to all interested organisations and individuals.

If you are interested in joining the network please contact Ashley Robinson by emailing:

Our Partners