About Us

“Lough Erne’s unique built, natural and cultural heritage is protected, enhanced and cherished by all”

Our Mission

The Lough Erne Landscape Partnership (LELP) will focus on the conservation and promotion of Lough Erne’s landscape character and unique heritage. LELP will address ecological issues, reconnect communities with their heritage, bring economic and social benefits, and create links between stakeholders to realise a longer-term goal of the coordinated management of the landscape.

LELP objectives following completion of the programme is:

Further information on the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership Vision can be found here.

  • To connect and engage people with their unique landscape by developing skills, improving confidence and providing opportunities to learn about it, change perceptions and influence its management.
  • To improve and protect biodiversity and conserve the built heritage of our unique landscape, and involve communities in its protection, interpretation and conservation.
  • To create and improve physical and intellectual access to and around the Lough making it a better place to live, work and visit.
  • To engage with communities to generate pride in their unique cultural heritage, celebrate it and be emotionally and physically involved with it.

Meet Our Team

Elmarie Swanepoel

Programme Manager

Heather Gott

Community Connections & Volunteer Manager

Hazel Long

Heritage Project Manager

Protecting, Promoting and Enhancing Your Heritage

The National Lottery Heritage Fund has provided funding to LELP in two phases – development and delivery. The first development stage of the programme entailed LELP assisting communities and organisations to develop a suite of projects aimed at enhancing, protecting and promoting the heritage of Lough Erne and its surrounding landscape. LELP also commissioned two reports on the built and natural heritage of the area identifying priority need for action. To read the findings of the Landscape Conservation Action Plan click here or to download the Landscape Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork Report click here

LELP aims to achieve the vision of a vibrant and sustainable rural economy, a healthy population and a functioning ecosystem.


Following a successful development stage National Lottery Heriatge Fund have granted LELP over £2million to deliver a suite of 23 projects. The delivery phase has commenced and will continue until 2023.

Each of the projects will enhance the local landscape and provide a legacy for the local community for future generations. To gain further knowledge of the projects please click here.

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