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Hydrobikeathon 2023

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On Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September, the LELP Team took part in Castle Archdale Boat Hire’s first ever Hydrobikeathon! Cycling through the night, from 5pm on Friday to 5pm on Saturday, the team completed 41 laps of Enniskillen town in 24-hours – that’s a whopping 123km!!! (the equivalent of cycling from Enniskillen to Belfast on a hydrobike)

Overall, placing 2nd on the leader board!

The team wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such an achievement without the wonderful volunteers who came along to support us. When suffering from sore legs and lack of sleep, our volunteers were right behind us, cycling laps of the town, bringing food and supplies and cheering us on from the Lough Shore. So, a MASSIVE thank you to all!! 🎉

The team successfully raised just over £1000 for their 2023 Community Fundraiser – we will be taking part in more events throughout the year to raise money, so keep your eyes peeled!

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