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LELP Network Inaugural Meeting

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Following the recent launch of the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership (LELP) we have been busy working on the delivery of the Heritage Lottery Funded scheme.  As part of the £2.6million scheme LELP hosted the launch of the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership Network.

The LELP Network will bring together organisations, currently working within the Lough Erne region to protect and enhance the natural, built and cultural heritage of the area.

LELP Programme Manager, Elmarie Swanepoel explained:

“Whilst working on our scheme we have discovered that there are a lot of wonderful projects and events taking place throughout the region.  It became apparent that there was no platform for organisations to come together and share their ideas or to work collaboratively to deliver projects. Taking onboard the feedback, we received and realising the need for a more collaborative form of working we have formed the LELP Network.  The network brings together organisations throughout the region to share knowledge of current projects and those that they are planning for the future”

The meeting was well attended with representatives from all sectors including tourism, community groups, council departments, charities, environmental groups, government bodies and local heritage groups to name just a few.

Elmarie continued;

“The attendance here today has been magnificent and it clearly indicates that there is indeed a need for the LELP network and a desire by these organisations to work together.   By working together to deliver projects and to share ideas we will be able to have a greater impact on the region not just for organisations but also for those that live in the Fermanagh area.  Today has shown everyone that there is a lot of innovative activity taking place and lots of future projects possibilities in the area. It is clear there is a real pride in the Fermanagh region and a passion to ensure that we can protect and enhance all that makes this area so unique.”

The next meeting of the LELP Network will provide organisations and community groups with the opportunity to showcase their organisation and the work that they are carrying out. If you would like to further information on the LELP Network or the work of the partnership please subscribe to the LELP website  or contact a member of the team on 028 66 327109.