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Lough Erne Schools Convention 2022

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The Lough Erne Schools Convention is an education initiative being delivered by the Share Discovery Village in partnership with the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership. Now in its 4th year a total of 1500 children have so far benefitted from this unique experience.

We had a great time last week welcoming pupils from the area as we hosted the Lough Erne Schools Convention. We were so glad to see pupils having fun on the water and learning about the Lough Erne natural heritage through workshops. Many thanks to all organisations involved for helping with the success of the convention.

Over the course of 3 days, pupils took part in bulb planting, fossil studies, understanding about moths, learning about seeds and trees, leave no trace, lessons on bees and mini beast hunts! As well as getting time canoeing on the Lough, the pupils were able to learn about local natural heritage and biodiversity through the workshops.

Check out this video of our highlights from the Lough Erne Schools Convention 2022!