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Pollinator Workshops

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Over the last two weeks our Environmental Education Officer has delivered a number of Pollinator Workshops to schools in partnership with Fermanagh and Omagh District Council’s “Bee a Pollinator Hero” initiative.

Holy Trinity Primary School, Enniskillen – P5’s. Monday 7th June 2021.

These workshops aim to teach pupils about the importance of pollinators and how we can help protect and enhance their habitat.

We need pollinators to grow many of the fruits and vegetables that make up a balanced diet, as well as the beautiful wildflowers and garden plants that provide us with colour and beauty in our landscape. Most pollination here is carried out by bees. We have 98 different types of bee: the honeybee, 20 different bumblebees and 77 different solitary bees.

St Joseph’s Primary School, Donagh, P5’s and P6’s. Wednesday 15th June 2021.

In providing us with the service of pollination, these bees are helped by other insects like hoverflies, butterflies and moths.

Unfortunately, pollinators are in trouble. We know that one third of Irish bee species are threatened with extinction!

We encourage you to create Pollinator Friendly gardens at home, by following the All Ireland Pollinator Plan.

This plan suggests easy things you can do at home such as mowing your lawn less and providing suitable habitats for pollinators. ?

Holy Trinity Primary School P5’s, Monday 14th June 2021.