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CEFF Project: Aghalane Accessible Woodland Walkway

This project will work in partnership with Annagh Social Farm CIC to regenerate woodland, create an accessible path and conduct biodiversity activities.

Project Partner:

CEFF Project: Aghalane Accessible Woodland Walkway

Project Partner:

2019 Project

This project will regenerate a planted larch wood with native species along the Woodford river. It will also erect a protective fence around the woodland and create an accessible path for local people with disabilities. This path will link an existing hard core lane from Aghalane Moorings to a field near Aghalane Castle.

A weather proof shelter along this path will also be erected. This will allow for a range of biodiversity activities including sustainably managing and enhancing the existing woodland, making and erection of bat, bird, bee and owl boxes, feeding stations for squirrels and wild birds, and hedgehog corridors.

This project will be delivered in conjunction with Annagh Social Farm. Annagh Social Farm participants with learning disabilities, support workers, and Annagh Social Farm volunteers will assist with all development works. Once completed people with/without disabilities who otherwise would have not had access to this part of the Lough Erne landscape will to be connected emotionally and physically with this beautiful area.

The various tasks involved in this project will be broken down to suit everyone’s skill level so that all will feel they have contributed to creating an inclusive and safe space to enjoy the biodiversity and heritage of this area.

2020 Project

This project will extend the accessible woodland path, for people with learning disabilities, to Aghalane Castle. The current path runs from Aghalane Moorings, along the Woodford River, through a recently regenerated native wood (which was kindly supported by LELP CEFF Fund in 2019). The extension of an accessible pathway will link this new woodland path to Aghalane Castle and down to a minor road which can bring you back to the Aghalane Moorings or to Annagh Social Farm. Protective fencing will be erected along this new pathway.

In addition a timber outdoor classroom will be erected in the wood near the accessible path. This will allow for biodiversity activities to take place in all weathers. Biodiversity activities will include sustainably managing and enhancing the existing woodland, monitoring bird/ owl boxes, erection and monitoring of feeding stations. Once again this project is delivered in partnership with Annagh Social Farm CIC.

For more information contact Heather Gott (Lough Erne Landscape Partnership) call: 07738 116385 email: