CEFF Project: Inishmacsaint Parish Church Heritage and Environment Project

This project will undertake a number of environmental and heritage tasks as part of this project to help preserve the graveyard at Inishmacsaint Parish Church.

CEFF Project: Inishmacsaint Parish Church Heritage and Environment Project

Inishmacsaint graveyard has been the burial site for everyone of the Protestant tradition in the Derrygonnelly and Church Hill Area. It is well maintained in a neat condition by the Select Vestry and is used and visited by a wide section of the community. The graveyard’s natural boundary is a stream which carries water from a considerable area of
surrounding farmland and flows directly into Lough Erne.

A hedge protects the stream on the graveyard side and in recent years has become completely overgrown with mature bushes and trees some of which have fallen across and into the water causing blockage and unnecessary erosion.

Part 1 of this project will coppice this hedge, remove excess vegetation and dumped soil to benefit the environment.

Part 2 concerns the most significant historical features in the graveyard, the old burial vault and original headstones. It will involve research, reading inscriptions and removing excess vegetation from 15 graves and the erection of a headstone documenting those buried in the vault.

This work will be carried out by the Select Vestry from the church with help from the local community. It will preserve some of the local history in this area which is in danger of being lost.

For more information contact Elmarie Swanepoel call 0770 250 8777 or email elmarie.swanepoel@rspb.org.uk

Project Updates

Inishmacsaint Parish Church Open Day – September 2021

Inishmacsaint Parish Church welcomed members of the general public to learn more about the heritage of this unique building and surrounding area over two days in early September (Saturday 11th September 2021 – 10am to 6pm and Sunday 12th September 2021 – 2pm to 6pm) as part of Festival Lough Erne.

In addition, the vault headstone was unveiled during the Sunday Service on 12th September 2021.

Other activities includes:

  • Historical talks – from members of CoI and/or Members of Fermanagh Genealogy.
  • Tours of graveyard and tours of Church
  • Activities for children

Recent Tweets

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