Project 23: Development of a Sustainable Network

This project will work with our partners to ensure that the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership can provide a sustainable network of organisations working together toward a shared goal.

Project 23: Development of a Sustainable Network

Working together to coordinate efforts to ensure the future heritage of the LELP area

LELP was formed on the principal that actions required to protect our landscape were such that the ambitions or actions of individual organisations could not on their own make the impact needed to bring about effective landscape scale change. Partners subsequently made a determination that a core part of the LELP legacy must be a long-term commitment amongst the partners for LELP to be a catalyst for ongoing coordinated action in order to secure a longer-term legacy for its five year programme.

By pooling resources and expertise from within the partnership in the short to medium terms LELP will create better networks and linkages into different parts of the community and provide a range of perspectives on the landscape through a range of disciplines. This in turn will lead to new ways of working together. The LELP Partnership has already strengthened during the development and early delivery phase of the scheme and will continue to do so as projects are delivered and community engagement in the landscape increases and through ongoing training programmes for volunteers, or where training can be provided by partners or outside experts as required.

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Project Updates

Lough Erne Landscape Partnership’s Education Forum 16/10/19

We are delighted to have held LELP’s first Education Forum as part of The Young Amatuer Naturalist Programme, bringing together different organisations who are delivering citizen science in The Lough Erne Region. We had a great morning discussing the importance of delivering natural science in the local area.

LELP and Share Village Schools convention 2019

356 local children from 15 schools, mainly in Primary 6, had the opportunity to spend half of the day out canoeing on the lough with Share Discovery Village and Erne Paddlers and the other half of the day was spent attending nature based educational workshops with specialist organisations including: the RSPB, Fermanagh Beekeepers Association, Waterways Ireland, Butterfly Conservation, Bug Life, Source to Tap, Marble Arch Global Geopark and Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.

The Lough Erne Schools Convention will be held annually for the next four years.

Click here to see 2019 schools convention slideshow.

Lough Erne Landscape Partnership Network event 10/12/19

LELP Network event, ‘Stories of our Lough’ was held on the 10th December 2019 in Waterways Ireland HQ. With a great turn out off around 60 people. We got the pleasure of hearing from 7 people on different aspects of the history of the Lough. From the History of the Waterways, to life after WW1. It really was an extraordinary event with alot to be learned from each and everyone of the speakers.


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Join the Mummers in Fermanagh House on Thursday 9th December at 7:30pm for their event Brining the House Down, a presentation on the folk lore of Fermanagh's Mummers.
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This week is National Tree Week! Did you know there are more than 3 trillion trees on earth – that’s 422 times as many trees as people! National Tree Week is a great excuse to get outside and identify trees. Visit our website for fun activities:

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