Project 9: Lough Erne Amazing Pollinators

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Project 9: Lough Erne Amazing Pollinators

In recent years it has become apparent that pollinator habitats are depleting, this is also the case in Co. Fermanagh. This project will seek to raise awareness of pollinators and their habitats and contribute to the actions as set out in the All Ireland Pollinator Plan.

During the 5-year project the project will:

  • Train local people in butterfly, moth, wild bee and other pollinator identification and in habitat recording methods and skills.
  • Identify hunger zones for wild and honey bee populations by training volunteers (past and current) as habitat recorders
  • Populate selected hunger zones with nectar and pollen-rich plants, to include heritage fruit trees associated with the Fermanagh area. This is part of a community project involving volunteers who will identify, graft and plant heritage fruit trees
  • Conduct a volunteer supported project into the disease resistance of feral bee colonies.
  • Deliver awareness raising sessions with schools and adult groups on the role and value of pollinators in the local landscape, their life cycle and on how they can be supported.

For more information contact Heather Gott call 028 6632 7109 email:

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Project Updates

08/06/2019: Workshop 3 – Moth Magic

We were delighted to be joined by Rose Cremin, Butterfly Conservation for our third workshop in a series of 5 on the magic of Moths and their habitats.  Training was provided on the process of trapping and identifying moths to be able to map the species across the region.

Following the workshop, participants were offered the opportunity to borrow a LELP heath trap to record species in their own area.  Recording has already taken place and congratulations to all participants who are now able to identify many species of moths.   This vital recording will enable those working to protect pollinators to gain a greater understanding of moth habitats and the species that occur here in Co. Fermanagh.

18/05/2019: Workshop 2 – Introduction to Butterflies

The Lough Erne Landscape Partnership, Amazing Pollinators project hosted in partnership with Butterfly Conservation a workshop on the Habitats and Identification of Butterflies as part of a series of workshops being delivered this year.

Rose Cremin of Butterfly Conservation provided training on the methods of butterfly identification, common local species and how we can record species by using online systems such as Cedar.    By recording the various species, we can ensure that pollinators are monitored and identify regions and areas of special interest and hunger zone areas and act to decrease these hunger zones in the area.

13/04/2019: Lough Erne Pollinators Projects – Launch and Workshop 1

The Lough Erne Landscape Partnership (LELP) were delighted to launch their Lough Erne Amazing Pollinators Project by hosting an Introduction to Pollinators and their Habitats workshop at Castle Archdale.  The project will be delivered by LELP through funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The workshop is the first of several workshops that will take place throughout the lifetime of the project.  LELP are working in partnership with Fermanagh Beekeepers Association, Butterfly Conservation and Fermanagh and Omagh District Council to deliver this amazing project.

Attendees of the workshop were provided with training on the types of pollinators we have here in Co. Fermanagh, followed by a walk in the gardens to look for some pollinators and learn about their habitats.

23/07/2021 – Tree Planting at Tully Castle with Enniskillen International Soroptimist Club

Last Friday, 23rd July 2021, the Lough Erne Landscape Partnership where delighted to be joined by members from the Enniskillen Soroptimist International Club to plant a number of heritage apple trees at Tully Castle.

This is a part of the Lough Erne Landscape Partnerships ‘Tree’s for Bee’s Campaign’ which is being delivered in partnership with Fermanagh Omagh District Council. These trees are to help to sustain the lives of birds, bees and insects, and support the local food web.

A total of eight trees were planted at the picnic area at Tully Castle with volunteers getting stuck in digging holes, adding compost and staking the trees under the watchful eye of Sarah Jane, a Biodiversity Officer from Fermanagh Omagh District Council.

The ‘Tree’s for Bee’s Campaign’ aims to plant heritage trees at a number of different locations in County Fermanagh and to date has involved a number of local schools and groups. For more information and to find out about volunteering opportunities contact Heather via to find out more.

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