Project 17: Mapping the Built Heritage of the Islands

Mapping the built heritage of the islands aims to recruit and train local volunteers to record sites, monuments & buildings.

Project 17: Mapping the Built Heritage of the Islands

Fermanagh has a unique landscape which includes its many islands. It is vital that we don’t lose the fabulous built, social and cultural heritage connected with these islands. It is essential that this information is captured and documented for future generations. An important element of this project is to work with local people to enhance their understanding and appreciation of Fermanagh’s heritage. This project will identify and map the previously occupied islands on the lough and aim to provide a short history on the families that lived on them. In order to achieve this, volunteers will be trained in information capturing/field survey techniques & writing descriptions for buildings and industrial features. Volunteers will also assist with gathering oral history recordings about the islands and their occupants, how the islands have changed over time.

For more information contact Hazel Long call: 07548 155351 email:

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