Project 13: Keepers of Tradition

Project Partner: The Mummers Foundation

This project aims to revive the tradition of mumming within the younger generation in the Lower and Upper Lough Erne communities. The project will enable participants to create their own version of a mumming tradition that is identifiable and distinct to their locality. In this way this rich authentic cultural activity will be kept alive and vibrant.

The project will teach young participants about the folklore associated with mumming and develop essential skills required to perform mumming. These heritage skills will include, straw craft, mask making, music, song, and dance performances. The project will facilitate the intergenerational exchange of folklore between the older generation; the last custodians of the mumming in Fermanagh, and the young people engaged in this project.

PROJECT 13: Keepers of Tradition

PARTNERS: The Mummers Foundation

This project is currently underway and we will keep you posted of all developments and events in the coming weeks.

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