Project 14: Volunteer Network

Project Partners: Lough Erne Landscape Partnership

The aim of this project is to develop a range of activities for local volunteers to get involved and contribute to LELP’s heritage legacy. Working with the local community LELP will develop a diverse network of volunteers to engage in events and projects in the region.

PROJECT 14: Volunteer Network

PARTNER: Lough Erne Landscape Partnership  

This project will offer opportunities for volunteers through the following schemes.


- Give it a Go - Opportunity for volunteers to try events and engage in volunteering, often for the first time. This includes events such as autumn watch, tree planting etc.

- Be a Saint – This provides volunteers the opportunity to volunteer on the islands and at the monastic sites. Volunteers can take part in land management, habitat and species research as well as archaeology events.

- Vital Volunteers – This programme of activities will train volunteers in heritage skills. Those trained will then use these skills but also train others to keep these skills alive. This will include basket weaving, stone masonry and boat building, to name a few.

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