Project 1: Spiritual Trail & Great Island Monasteries

Project Partner: Waterways Ireland 

The Spiritual Trail will uncover and promote an unique and vast spiritual heritage located throughout Lough Erne with the aim of creating awareness, understanding, public access and digital visitor experiences. This LELP project has further led to the initiation of a larger 350 km spiritual trail heritage programme by Waterways Ireland and 13 county representatives under the Leader Cooperation programme, thus extending the trail from the Erne Waterway in County Fermanagh, northwards to Co Donegal and southwards along the Shannon-Erne and Shannon Navigation to the Shannon estuary in Co Kerry.

For the visitor, the prospect of experiencing an ancient Spiritual Trail along the inland waterways throughout the island of Ireland makes it a truly unique heritage offering in Europe, with Heritage Lottery Funding central to realising this vision for Lough Erne.

PROJECT 1: Spiritual Trail & Great Island Monasteries

PARTNERS: Waterways Ireland

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