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Recording: Reading the Landscapes of Lough Erne: A Billion Years in the Making

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Dr Kirstin Lemon takes us through a journey of geological story-telling, one that will take you on an adventure through tropical seas, lush rainforests, searing-hot deserts and icy wastelands, and a lot more besides, and all of which is evident in the rocks and landscapes that surround Lough Erne. The landscapes that surround Lough Erne formed as a direct result of the underlying geology and the processes that have acted upon it. Being able to understand that geology helps us to appreciate the incredible story of the area around Lough Erne, one of a journey that began nearly 1 billion years ago and is still continuing to this day.

Guest Speaker Dr Kirstin Lemon Dr Lemon is a member of the senior leadership team at the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland where she is responsible for both the Geology & Groundwater and the Information & Infrastructure teams. Kirstin’s individual expertise is in public engagement and communication and she has worked extensively in geoscience education, including in her previous role as Geopark Geologist for the Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark. A large part of this work involves developing sustainable geological tourism products and she and has worked with organisations across the UK and Ireland in this field and increasingly more so internationally.