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Successful Apprenticeship for Partnership

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Many of you will recognise Jade Stephenson from LELP events, Jade joined the LELP team in August 2019 embarking on a 12 month apprenticeship. Due to Covid 19 Jades’ apprenticeship was indeed a unique experience but we are delighted that Jade has now successfully completed her apprenticeship and is now enrolled in further study.

This was the first apprenticeship of it’s kind for LELP and for RSPB NI and has been a great success for all. Having successfully completed her apprenticeship Jade is now embarking on further study.

Jade has been a fantastic member of the team during her apprenticeship and will be missed by her colleagues. We are delighted that Jade has embarked on further study and wish her every success in the future. If you would like to read more about Jades Apprenticeship journey please click here.