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Wellness Through Nature – the Special Birds of Lough Erne

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We are now looking forward to the realisation of the Wellness Through Nature – the Special Birds of Lough Erne Project, being delivered with funding from the Rural Engagement Arts Programme through the ARTS Council of Northern Ireland as well as funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund in Northern Ireland.

Through this project LELP will work with local community organisations, farmers, individuals and local artists to engage people not only with one another but also with the landscape that they live in. Focussing specifically on the need for conservation and protection of breeding wader birds like curlew, snipe and lapwing. These birds come the shores of Lough Erne every year to breed in the summer, facing many challenges along the way – from finding suitable habitats to issues with predation, changing weather patterns and risks from farming practices.

We will focus on improving public awareness about these birds and also delivering an education programme to participants in the community arts programme – working within the community to bring people together to learn about the landscape and environment sharing their views, memories and insights through the creation of visual art and media.

We will also work with other agencies to install a large, double sided mural in a suitable location in Enniskillen (most likely the Round O). One side will display a mural painted by local artist, Kevin McHugh which will include a landscape background, focussing on the life span and natural habitats of highly at risk breeding wader birds found on Lough Erne.

The other side of the sign will include information on these birds and a collage of pictures from artwork created as part of a 6 month community art project.

We are excited as we begin this project, bringing members of the community together to learn about our environment focusing on breeding waders, their habitat and the current decline of these magnificent birds in the region as well as encouraging memories of the past of the birds found in the landscape.

At the end of the project there will be an exhibition and celebration event unveiling the mural as well as showcasing the artwork, and displaying a video which will show the entire process of the project.

Follow the progress of the project at: Wellness Through Nature – the Special Birds of Lough Erne – Lough Erne Landscape Partnership (