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World Curlew Day – Add a Curlew Call to Your Phone

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The Curlew was once a common site throughout the landscape of Lough Erne, with the distinctive birdsong of Curlew the soundtrack for the spring sunrise and sunset. Today however the Curlew is not as common. loss of habitat and environmental factors have lead to a decline in the numbers of these magnificent birds found within the Fermanagh landscape.

As part of the Lough Erne Breeding Wader Forum we want to celebrate this wonderful bird and share with you the unique and distinctive birdsong that can be heard in areas of Lough Erne. Thank you to Sound Ark Studios for recording this wonderful sound on the shores of Lough Macnean.

You can now add this wonderful and unique birdsong to your mobile phone device as a ringtone, message alert or alarm.

Ringtone Message

Android download instructions here.


Ringtone Message

iPhone download instructions here.

To download your Curlew alarm click here.

In order to help the Breeding Wader Forum protect and Conserve the habitats of these unique birds we would like to know where in the are they can be found. If you are aware of the location of Curlew within the Lough Erne landscape please contact the team by emailing